Suggestions: additional staff positions, remove /back, build world with creative for builders and separate inventory


  • word of mouth
  • promo video
  • live streams?
  • voting push at start of month
  • reddit/forums posts
  • $5 facebook ad?
  • summer holiday -mid august?


  • voidgen for void worlds
  • consolidate worlds
  • mail read and permissions
  • riding pig get kicked for floating too long/flying
  • shovel ability -gets kicked sometimes? edit sac settings
  • coffee machines for speed boost
  • have quests update 0/howmany on the action bar 25/25k obsidian mined
  • permanent or longer vanity quest tag?
  • 45 degree angle blocks
  • afk kick timer
  • Dragon egg plugin – formatting & other improvements – add eggtimer leaderboard
    additional features to purchase-obscure distance increased… blindness near the egg or other effects
  • tab list to show eggxalted? (too long)
  • chatbot responses&issue -turn off for schat
  • caveman+ with 50k obby and 25k for normal?
  • parkour teleport error
  • crit shulkers
  • Check vote rewards
  • quest damage rounding?
  • remove znpcs from tablist?
  • sac -crit endermen on stairs from below?
  • tp w/per sethome cost – addressed with dev, wait to see if in next update
  • protection stones/rollback (no mob/tnt damage, crystal damage, anchor damage)
  • automessages to defaults to vote for more commands?
  • change all plugin colors to theme colors of teal/white/green
  • check perms
  • parkour water off->separate from lava off – addressed with dev, wait to see if in next update
  • crouching tp to someplace special? idk
  • max fps in nether but 20-40fps in overworld(it was orebfus for low spec comps)?
  • add facts – fact?
  • welcome back bot only once an hour/day
  • /donate or donate? with website link
  • rollback if within 10 chunks of a base?
  • vip+quest difficulty increased, maybe make place any blocks for quests
  • cooldown on /back of 30 mins or something semi-large
  • more difference in colors between ranks?
  • automessage with minigames/options and commands
  • extreme rank quests – caveman “mine 100000 obsidian” knight “kill 1m mobs” hero “idk milk cows”
  • more layers for spleef
  • destructable pvp arena ->in events world and remove pvp warp?
  • do we need psudocommands?
  • quest timer rolling over from first to second quest but resets time to 0 on third quest(?)


spawnhub – fine details inside castle/village area

  • Expand, improve, build more secret areas.
  • mountain – fine details, maybe a small mountain shack?
  • lake – major details, trees/grass etc. boat dock or similar structure
  • tunnel – lighting, vines, fine details such as floor/swimable sections
  • river – major details, trees/grass etc.
  • no interaction for flower pots then add flowers? (also item frame/cauldron use)
  • split spawnhub into 2 worlds and revise world to make it look destroyed/fractured for non-VIPs

parkour – general building

  • building third world similar to other 2
  • consolidate parkour worlds into 1
  • add parkour plugin pressure plates to first 2 worlds
  • testing paths to make sure they are working
  • revise spawnhub parkour to make it slightly easier to get to portals

event/arena world? – test arena/mythic mobs

mob arena -dj_nathan_ setup builder help.

race track

ranks-more distinction maybe dark grey for default and grey for islander


  • Builder rank
  • Default/Islander on join -change join bot


  • FAQ
  • pp to store processing & delay in cmd send?
  • ban appeal format, staff application format
  • portal farms in rules
  • forum
  • store-add all ranks with images, still check formatting for background
  • donations-add to store area?
  • privacy policy add some formatting/review later
  • site security B is good enough for now

build + advertise

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