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[Solved] shepherda's Staff Application

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Time zone: Eastern Standard Time

Years I've played MineCraft: I have played since 2014

What I like to build: I love to build cities, big projects, organize chests, and fix up raided and griefed bases. 

I have been a helper and an admin before on two other servers so I have the experience of dealing with chat, warning players, kicking players, banning players, and catching hackers. Tight now I am applying for the helper position as I think I would be a great help to the players for the following reasons: I am almost always on, especially at night, I love helping people work on projects, get started, etc., and finally because I know how to be fair yet strict. Thank you for your time in reading and considering this application! I love this server, so even if I cant be staff I will still play!

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You've shown great resolve and a caring attitude. These are two great qualities that we look for here. Welcome to the team!


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